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PAINTING | "Time is Over"

"Time is Over". Oil and Acrilyc on canvas. 75 x 50 cm. "Time is Over" is a painting I created in December 2019, during a pretty tough personal time. About a year before, I had moved to the countryside, and during that period, I used to draw a lot at night. Especially on nights when there was no electricity, and solitude and silence were the absolute rulers. There was no music, no noise from the fridge—just, occasionally, the crackling of some insects against the windows or the flame of the candle that lit up my table, full of pencils, markers of all thicknesses and colors, pastel chalks, and oil pastels. I filled page after page with drawings until I turned some of them into paintings. One of those drawings became this painting full of reds, with an expressive face that conveys anguish, just as I felt at that time. ********************************************************************************* "Time is over" es una pintura creada en diciembre de 2019, du

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